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Wondrous Harp and Ukulele - Royalty Free Music


Description: "Wondrous Harp and Ukulele" is an inspirational song that sparks a sense of awe and wonder.  Use it as a background track in your videos, or add some voice over it for an advertisement.  And if you need a song that can be played coutinuously, a seamless loop is also included with your purchase.

Secure Purchase Link
Royalty Free Ukulele Music
$10.00 - Wondrous Harp and Ukulele (Full License)

Song files included with purchase:
Full length
60 second
40 second
Seamless loop

Similar music available:
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Stock Music Available

For more information about licensing music from Steven Bulinski Music, including the detailed license terms, please vist the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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