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Frequently Asked Questions About Licensing Music

What uses are covered by the stock music license I purchase?

Your purchase grants you a non-exclusive license to sychronize the song to any video you create, including film, and television. It also permits you to use the music for corporate presentations, trade shows, mobile applications, video games, and on hold music.

How can I use the drum loops I purchased from you?

The drum loops may be used to create drum tracks for your own music, or be used alone as background music for other creative projects.

Can I see a copy of the license agreements before I make a purchase?

Details of the music license agreement can be seen by clicking on following link: "Full License".  
Details of the drum loop license may be seen here: "Drum Loop License".

Can I sell copies of the videos I create with your stock music?

Absolutely. The license permits you to sell any finished product that you have synchronized the music to. You may not, however, sell, license, or distribute the music by itself.

Is my purchase secure?

All transactions are safely handled by Gumroad.  Gumroad is an artist-friendly digital download delivery platform that hosts files, processes payments, and delivers your purchases to you.   More information about how transactions are safely handled through Gumroad can be found here.

Why should I get music and/or drum loops from Steven Bulinski Music?

Here are two great reasons why you should  get your music and loops from Steven Bulinski Music:

1) When you get products from Steven Bulinski Music, you are buying straight from the artist.  Sure there is a smaller selection on this site than you will find on the big stock music websites.  After all, there is only one artist on  But the difference is that because there is no agency or other business to take their cut, you are able to get music for much lower prices than you would elsewhere.

2) In addition to the great pricing, your purchase includes multiple variations of the same song for less than the price you would pay for a single song file on a different site.  Our reason for not charging you more is this:  The most time consuming part of producing a song is the writing and recording of the original full length track.  After that is done, creating different durational edits really isn't much additional work.  So why should you have to pay close to full price again if you need additional track lengths for the same song?  Well, we don't think you should have to.  That's why when you purchase a song from Steven Bulinski Music, you will always receive multiple duration edits of the same song for no addition cost.  Stingers and seamless loops may also be availble.  Seamless loops are designed to be looped for continuous play, and are great for situations in which you need a song to play for an extended period of time.

What is your refund policy?

If within one week of purchase you find you are not satisfied, you may either request a one-time exchange for a different song available on this website of equal of lesser value, or you may request a refund.

What file types are supplied?

All music is supplied as 16 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files.  This is a high quality, uncompressed standard for audio.  If you require mp3s, there are a number of free audio converters available that you can download.  Drum loops are supplied as 24 bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files.  The higher bit for the loops is to aid the mixing and mastering process when creating other music.

What about performance royalties?

Steven Bulinski is a member of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), and except for his drum loops, all songs are registered with BMI.  Some uses may require you to file a cue sheet.  For the most part, this applies to music that is broadcast on television, but may apply to some other uses.  Generally, there is no fee you have to pay for this, unless you yourself are a broadcaster.  For more information on performance royalties, please visit

How do I contact Steven Bulinski?

Steven is always happy to respond to any questions or concerns.  The best way to contact him is via email at

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