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New Online Royalty-Free Stock Music Store Founded on Idea of Artists Supporting Artists

Steven Bulinski Music is an artist direct, online royalty-free music store that provides music to other artists at low prices by cutting out the middleman.

ORLANDO, Fla. - April 13, 2015 - PRLog -- Steven Bulinski Music is a new online source for royalty-free music that can be used films, videos, television shows, advertising, and any other project where instrumental music is needed. This business is founded on the concept of "artists supporting other artists."

Steven Bulinski is a composer of instrumental production music, who has licensed his music to a large number of clients over the last few years. Like many other composers, he has watched payment rates shrink, due largely to the competition of the ever increasing number of online sources for stock music. The majority of these sources sell artists’ music under a non-exclusive licensing agreement, allowing artists to offer the same music on multiple websites. As a result, the only way for a company to stand out is to sell artists' music on their sites at prices lower than their competitors. In the end, the artists must either choose to accept smaller payments or remove their music from some of the sites that represent them.

Steven Bulinski’s solution to this problem is to provide his music directly to the end-user, bypassing the middleman. Because he is avoiding the need to share his earnings with another business, he can offer his music at competitive prices while earning what he considers to be fair compensation.

“It’s a win-win situation” says Bulinski. “Filmmakers and other artists can get music for low-budget projects at low prices, and I still feel like I am being treated fairly. I think other artists will be able to appreciate this concept. Most artists don’t like seeing businesses take hefty fees when those businesses had zero involvement in the creative process. I’d like to see more artists start doing the same and take control of their own music as new technology continues to make it possible.”

While Steven Bulinski Music may not offer the variety of music that is available from companies that represent a large number of composers, his business model is one that is sure to leave his clients feeling good, knowing that they’re supporting a fellow artist.

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Steven Bulinski Music Expands Product Line to Offer Royalty-Free Drum Loops

Steven Bulinski Music, an artist-direct source for royalty-free stock production music, is now selling high quality acoustic drum loops, simplifying the process of home studio music production.

ORLANDO, Fla. - June 29, 2015 - PRLog -- Steven Bulinski Music, a new business in the stock production music market, has just expanded its product line to include royalty-free acoustic drum loops. Previously focusing solely on production music for film, television, and advertising, Steven Bulinski now provides a product line for fellow music producers.

"A larger than ever portion of the music you are hearing today is produced in home studios," says Bulinski. "But in a home studio, drums have always been one of the most difficult instruments to record. They're loud, they take up a lot of space, and good drum mixing takes a lot of time. So I'm offering a product that producers can use in their own compositions to avoid all of the hassels normally associated with recording drums."

Bulinski says that there is a large selection of drum loops available to electronic music producers, but the selection of realistic drum loops for rock and other genres is much smaller. Steven Bulinski Music will focus on acoustic drum loops for use in rock and world music genres, including some more niche styles like instrumental surf rock and ska.  As with the stock music he offers for licensing, all drum loops are available at low prices due to his artist-direct sales platform.

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