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Music Services and Products on Fiverr

Steven Bulinski Music is now offering services and products on Fiverr! Steven's Fiverr gigs can be found under the username "audiosteve". Below is a list of the great deals available. All products and services start at $5.00. Please click on the title links to get the details for each gig, or click here to go directly to Fiverr to see all music products and services available.

Mixing and Mastering Music and Commercial Advertisement Audio - Services offered in this gig include the mixing and mastering of your music, podcasts, or audio for advertisements. Do you have songs recorded that you need professional mastering for? Or do you need a voice-over mixed with some background music for a radio commercial? If so, this is a great deal for you.

Background Music for Advertisement and Commercials - Choose from four different songs you can use as background music for your advertising projects. Each song comes as 15, 30, and 60 second cuts, so you will have the right length track for any advertisement. Also offered is professional mixing services if you have a voice-over that you need mixed with the music.

12 Country Music Background Tracks - In this gig you get 12 instrumental country music songs you can use a background music in videos, commercials, websites, and more.

12 Reggae Music Background Tracks - Offered here is a pack of 12 stock reggae songs that will work perfect for any project that is in need of a cool tropical vibe.

12 Ukulele Music Background Tracks
- The ukulele continues to remain a popular instrument in songs, and is used to create a happy feeling that works well to promote product sales. In this gig is a collection of 12 ukulele-based background music tracks you can use for advertising, films, presentations, and more.

12 Retro and Oldies Background Tracks
- Check out this gig if you're looking for stock music you can use if you need to add some retro sounds to your productions.

12 World and Ethnic Music Background Tracks - This gig features an assortment of instrumental music background tracks representing a variety of different genres from around the world.

12 Looping Background Music Tracks - All songs in this gig are seamless loops, which are songs that are designed to play continuously without any breaks when played on repeat. Seamless loops are necessary if you need music that plays without end. Examples of situations in which you might want looping music tracks include on hold phone music, and background music for websites.


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